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NKC scans the political and macroeconomic conditions of 30 African countries and is able to measure country risk in detail. Our core expertise is our understanding of the continent’s opportunities and pitfalls due to our ability to weigh political and macroeconomic risk.

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NKC African Economics is majority owned by Oxford Economics, the world’s foremost independent global advisory firm. NKC clients have access to the same insights and analysis that they trust and rely on, that is now backed by Oxford Economics’ powerful models and analytical framework.

The addition of NKC’s team of economists and political analysts to the Oxford Economics group of companies significantly enhances Oxford Economics’ ability to directly address the needs of investors and companies engaged in Africa expansion through the provision of event-driven alerts, regular newsletters, and reports.

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  • #Nigeria GDP growth up to 1.8% in Q3, with non-oil output growth firming to 2.3%. Economy should perform even better in Q4, but headwinds could start mounting again next year as lower oil prices pressure the fiscal and external accounts.

  • Opposition parties in #Tanzania unite to condemn a new bill that will give the registrar of political parties significant power to regulate their activities. The bill appears to continue a trend under President Magufuli to close the political space and reassert CCM dominance.

  • #Tunisia foreign reserves were propped up by external loans in recent months; but underlying weakness in forex inflows and a high import bill saw reserves decline again in November, reaching roughly 2.3 months of import cover.

  • Uganda - “With inflation trending at comfortable levels, we expect the Bank of Uganda to maintain the policy rate at 10% for the remainder of the year and deep into 2019,” said Vincent Phiri, a financial analyst with NKC African Economics. blogs.wsj.com/frontiers/2018… via @WSJ

  • This Week on the Frontiers, December 8th 2018 - goo.gl/alerts/76x8v #GoogleAlerts

  • #Angola #IMF deal now official, with Fund announcing $3.7bn EFF programme aimed at addressing fiscal & external imbalances & supporting private-sector-led diversification. Enhanced transparency, policy certainty & improved investor sentiment represent some of the main benefits.

  • In #Rwanda, RPF critic Diane Rwigara and her mother were acquitted of charges including inciting insurrection. Does the ruling count as evidence of judicial independence or of the political space opening up? Probably not.

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Bespoke Policy and Scenario Analysis

A detailed scenario analysis of different policy actions the Central Bank of Nigeria could take in response to the foreign exchange liquidity squeeze in 2016, the effects on foreign reserves to be expected under each, and the resulting consequences for firms needing to repatriate profits.

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Bespoke Macroeconomic Report

A report on logistics in Djibouti covering infrastructure, human resources, electricity and the financial sector, and which included macroeconomic overviews of the neighbouring countries for which Djibouti serves as a transport hub. For an Emirati harbour logistics firm.

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